Engineered Veneer



We offer two brands of engineered wood veneers which are made from an abundant real wood consisting of neutral grain characteristics which is engineered to have the appearance of other more exotic and rare wood species. This protects those natural resources, some of which are endangered, as well as gives the advantage of making uniform colour and design available. Spectrum by Northern Contours and Evolution veneers provide

  • High definition, uniform designs and colours, well defined from one sheet to another
  • availability of consistent replacement merchandise, even after several months 
  • the utilization of raw materials without causing environmental damage
  • great selection of designs and colours continuously available
  • Evolution is available as raw veneer or with different backers as well as a variety of panel types & sizes
  • Spectrum veneers are available with a phenolic back in 4x8 or a self-adhesive backer in 2x8 sheets and as architectural edged veneer doors
  • Evolution has matching edge banding in a wide range of thicknesses                                               


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Spectrum Reconstituted Veneers