Contoured 3D Wall Panels


Finally architecture and art form a new partnership! 

Art transformed from your mind’s eye to form and function in your project.

Raincoast 3D Contoured Wall Panels enable the designer to create a unique design or texture that will fit any area or space your architectural requirements demand. Feature walls, room dividers, back splashes, fireplace surrounds, headboards, furniture pieces - concepts to enhance your space from a standard flat surface to a stunning contoured feature are limited only by your imagination.  
3D wall panels and components are perfect for custom residential homes, commercial offices, restaurants, lounges, shopping areas, institutional foyers, custom 3D signs and there's many more possiblities.
Pick a pattern you like or turn your sketch into a pdf and we will look after the rest. With the simple in-put of your sketch / pdf, our computer controlled CNC router will build a 3D carved wall panel or furniture component system to suit any design requirements you can dream up. Our process will machine to accommodate specific dimensions or functions such as door ways, windows, light switches, stair steps or any obstacle in the plan. View our gallery to the right for some inspiration. The patterns are named for identification, colours shown are for example and completely optional.
Unlimited textures (yours or ours) in paintable materials as well as stunning effects in solid woods can be achieved. Plus we can finish to your specification with clear coat, stain, paint or glazed effects if desired.
The best part – combining inexpensive building materials, a quick machining process and fast installation by on-site carpenters, Raincoast Contoured Panels create a super opportunity for an architectural wall area to become a bold and artsy statement yet be affordable at the same time.  Call us to see how we can change your project into an exciting, unique display of an enhanced design concept through technology..
Visit our dedicated website http://www.raincoastcontours.com/  for more info and examples
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To the left you can see an artist concept being routered into an MDF panel. Above the panel is sprayed with lacquer. Finishes are only limited by the imagination.