Curved (Radius) Doors



Saint Georges Doors is the premier radius door manufacturer in North America. Their ability to do superb quality curved doors and accessories in custom and standard radiuses within a quick time window places Saint Georges Doors on a level by themselves.(WATCH A VIDEO ON THEIR MANUFACTURE)  Designers can feel at ease in planning complicated kitchen designs using concave, convex and crossbow style doors with matching crown mouldings when designing around the Saint George's product line. Their product selection is awesome - 25 profiles in frame & panel, miter and applied moulding, 22 centre panels, 9 crown mouldings including dentil mould along with 28 versions of fretwork are all available in custom radiuses. They also do custom radius glass to match their curved doors. Add to this a series of rosettes, flutings and dozens of other door profiles in conventional straight design make the Saint Georges product line a kitchen designer's dream. They even have the ability to do custom carved designs on the curved door faces.  Please view their website for details Click here for St Georges Doors   

Call for information or a quote 1-888-739-3667