Schenk products


Stijle Laser edged Doors & panels and more

 In addition to our wood doors and veneers Raincoast Door & Specialty Wood Products also represents a very special company which create some unique and wonderful building products. Below is  a small sampling over the over 60 colours and finishes available in this line by Schenk Architectural Imports.


  The Stijle line by Schenk offers doors, decorative panels and board which bring to the marketplace a wide range of trending colours from Soho high gloss lacquer and silky smooth matte Plateau to 4 different lines of textures in Mesa, Mesa Select, Como and Como Select which offer the latest innovative styles and price points, in both slab and shaker styles  with realistic grain direction. Laser edge banded for invisible seams, Stijle doors are supported by matching laminates and tapes, extra thick and oversized panels, and miter folded capabilities. This flexiblity allows for a range of products to enhance your design possiblities, such as floating shelves or posts to match your cabinets and doors as well as decorative tops. Another new approach is the Brera which has brought the integrated handle back with re-imagined flare. It is sleek, contemporary, and fresh and is available in three colours; Legno D’Argenta, Nocciola, and Portobello.

The deeply textured wood veneers in the Kitsilano and  salvaged oak beams in the Vermont line of panels will amaze your clients with the look and feel of nature. The dramatic effects of light and shadow will add new depth to your project. Available as doors, wall panels, components and live edge tops, this is going to open a whole range of ideas for your projects. A truly unique opportunity also present itself with matching passage doors to your cabinetry or wall panels.

Below are on left Kitsilano floating shelves in Ocean Walnut with Soho cabinet doors in high gloss Carbon and Brooklynn #2505 aluminum frame doors. To the right Kitsilano Borke Rustic Grey live edge top, centred below the right a Soho Dark Olive high gloss vanity.



Brooklynn Aluminum frames in 4 styles and 5 finishes combine with gorgeous specialty Valencia and Venezia glass and acrylic inserts to create a huge range of possibilities. As well, the amazing array of Monaco decorative wall coverings and panels is also sure to excite the imagination!