Architectural Wood Veneer Doors


Our Architectural Wood Veneer Doors incorporate local and exotic wood veneers to create very high end custom effects in a variety of grain manipulations such as book matching or slip matching. Using flitch sliced veneers we are able to centre balance laminations to create "feature pieces" in every door or we can do a random yet repeatable consistency in the designed appearance. Grain sequencing and matching from door to door or panel are standard procedure. In edge treatments as the "Architectural Edge" also known as "Type One Solid Edge", matching solid wood is applied to the door's edge and then covered by the surface veneer. This gives a seamless look between all surfaces. The product absolutely looks like a solid slab of wood. Ideal for high end kitchens, wall panelling, board room tables, furniture and passage doors.

A wide range of veneers are available from the old favourites such as cherry and walnut to the more exotic such as Quartered Figured English Sycamore.

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From the unusual 3 part Element and Sync doors allowing mixing of veneers for a stunning effect to the sketch faced veneers where laser cut inlays can customize your design, Northern Contours offers an amazing range of products. A new and exciting textured treatment creates the Ridge door, a unique look from the old standards of oak, maple and walnut.

A simple modern design or something more "one of kind", we can make the door to express your taste and creativity. To round out your project, matching veneer pieces and accessories such as moulding and floating shelves are available. Miter fold capabilities in veneer open up a whole new realm of possiblities.


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Here are the profiles available in type one or architectural edge veneer doors